We wanted to take a moment today to share how deeply concerned and saddened we are by the tragedies unfolding recently. Like you, we are struggling to make sense of what's happening and how we can, as a society, pull together to move forward, heal, learn and grow.

These events, as well as others historically, have a rippling effect across our country and bring with them fear, sadness, anger, and distress. Emotions are everywhere, and tensions are high. It feels very much as though there is no right thing to say- it is painfully apparent that words simply are not enough. As an organization dedicated to health- both physical and mental health- we cannot choose to ignore the consequences of hatred and discrimination.

We want to reaffirm to you our commitment to maintaining a culture of respect, inclusivity and diversity within LifeSource, as well as ensuring we consistently create an equitable community for our patients, our providers and staff, and our facilities. We are devoted to the healing and wellbeing of those we serve, and will continue to direct efforts to ensure impartial and better outcomes for vulnerable populations. We will seek out meaningful actions that support our colleagues, families, friends, patients, and communities, and we will continue to advocate against hate, prejudice and racism in all forms.

We believe that transformative change is possible, but that it requires collective action. We call on each of you to look at the many ways racism, inequality and injustice may manifest itself in the healthcare system and in patient care. We encourage you to explore biases, to listen to the experiences of others or to share your own experiences, to speak out against injustice, and to continuously advocate for the fair treatment of all human beings. We ask that you choose words and actions that focus on eliminating racial, ethnic, and cultural inadequacies, and those that reflect values of compassion and humanism.

We know that a statement is not nearly enough, but that silence is deafening.

We welcome your dialogue, feedback or resource recommendations on actions that can enhance the cultural competency of our organization and our mission.

If you feel you need professional help. Click here and contact us. We will be happy to help you.